Scientology recruiting Indians in Silicon Valley

From: Keith Henson <[email protected]>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.indian,alt.religion.scientology
Date: 13 Mar 2000 05:37:42 GMT
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Sorry to intrude on this news group, but this is relavent. The scientology cult has been in a vicious fight with critics who coordinate through the internet for the past 5 years. I picket them in several locations in and around San Jose, California. Over the last two years, I have seen the number of Indian being recruited by this cult rise to where over half of their new "students" are Indians. Many are highly paid software engineers brought in by the demand for technical people in this area. Scientology was started by a bad science fiction writer. The core beliefs include a story about trillions of space aliens brought to earth some 75 million years ago by a galactic ruler named Xenu, stacked around volcanos and blown up with hydrogen bombs. The left over spirits infest people and scientology teaches that they are the cause of all human psychological and medical problems. But it takes close to $200,000 of "fixed donations" to get to the level where you find out about Xenu. The key places on the net to learn about the dangers are and (Lisa McPherson went psychotic while in scientology and the "treatment" she received from scientology killed her.) If you know anyone who is becoming involved in this expensive way to get attention, please get them to check out the web sites above. Keith Henson xposted to alt.religion.scientology