I Didn't Know

Perry Scott
Date: 29 Oct 1999 16:33:33 -0700

"Chris's" e-mail reflects the "Don't Think For Yourself" party line of Scientology - apparently, since Scientology "owned"

Lisa, they had the right to kill her. The implication is disgusting. It's a crude attempt at invalidation.

I didn't know the Kosovars, but I oppose the Serb's notion of "ethnic cleansing."

I didn't know the Kuwaitis, but I oppose Saddam's notion of annexing a neighboring country because he could.

I didn't know the Ethiopians, but I oppose the notion of waging war through starvation.

I didn't know the blacks in South Africa, but I oppose the notion that someone is inferior because of their skin color.

I didn't know the Jews in Nazi Germany (before my time), but I opposed Hitler's notions of "racial purity."

So, I didn't know Lisa, but I oppose the notion of people being restrained against their will under the cloak of "religious practice."

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