Dear Terry, Re Paulette Cooper 29/2/72... Love Jane Kember

D/G Int    29/2/72
D/G Int W/W
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Dear Terry,

Re Paulette Cooper

We need to know the following, as she is an unhandled attacker of Scientology.

1. Why did Paulette start attacking Scientology?

2. When did she start writing the book?

3. How did she meet alan levy?

4. How did she meet Kaufman?

5. Does she know B. Green?

6. How did she meet Michael Sanders?

7. Where did she get the data in chapter 21 of her book?

8. Who is paulette connected to?

9. how does she find out about all these SPs etc.?

She is far to aufait with all these SPs, DBs etc.

10. Is somebody running her? If so who?

11. She recommends blackmail and threats to your agent adn she had some contacts with this govt and govt files. who are all her contacts?

12. The library in DC has a copy of the Melbourne Inquiry report. Paulette recammends this. Why is this copy still there? please get it removed.

13. She has done an excellent smear job Scientology and we have no data with to handle her!




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